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  • Dark Aether

    Dark Aether

    Writer, contributor, critic for TAY, AniTAY. Video Games, Anime and other assorted musings. Not Dead Yet. @TheGrimAether

  • JaeCreative


    College Student; Procrastinating AniTAY writer; Nerd.



    Part-time writer, media essayist, and film school graduate residing in Portland, OR. He/his. As seen on Tay2, opposite-lock, and Unwinnble. @Dennisthatsit.

  • Stinolez


    Proud writer for AniTAY and normal guy loving anime, video games and other nerdy stuff.

  • tengu22


  • Kevin Mai - Reikaze

    Kevin Mai - Reikaze

    VN, Anime and Tech Enthusiast! Reikaze Rambles, Writer for @NoisyPixelNews & @AniTAYOfficial ! https://discord.gg/WWPXMR252N AKA @RockmanDash12

  • Reid Braaten - TheMamaLuigi

    Reid Braaten - TheMamaLuigi

    Master of Arts graduate with a focus on anime and representations of otaku culture in Japanese media. AniTAY’s resident editor. Finding time to do something.

  • DilKokoro


    Master of Science in Military Social Work student, USAF Veteran of 7 Years, Marathon Runner, Youth Basketball Coach, Voted Scariest Looking Dog Dad of 2020

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